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Recent Sales

Some recent short fiction and poetry sales include:



I'm pleased to announce that I've just placed another poem with Aphelion webzine. Also Beyond Centauri will be running "Wondrous Treadmill" in their July 2011 issue.


After circulating writing pieces for the last several months, I'm pleased to announce that I've just placed a poem with Aphelion webzine.


Just set up two new blogs Brian's Virtual Journal and Mythos Collecting.


Not much happening on the writing front, but I did recently set up a blog called Confessions of a Software Geek.


I recently began a push to market all completed pieces. So far no luck. But you can't sell anything, if you don't circulate it.


I had a non-fiction piece called "Swords Are Us" posted on WorcesterCounty.com.

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