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Welcome to the official web site for the Shrewsbury Genealogy Club, Shrewsbury, MA.

02/28/2011 - Regular Meeting

Tonight's meeting was a regular meeting with handouts and announcements. George passed out a handout on "Why Are We Trying to Protect 'Personal Information'", and also on "Comment About Contradictory Genealogy Claims". He then presented an article on how to preserve your newspaper clippings. And we continued to discuss various aspects of preservation and archival supplies.

Next Meeting

The next club meeting is scheduled for 03/28/2011 Mon 7:00 PM in the upstairs meeting room. Note the earlier time, all meetings this year are at 7:00 PM instead of 7:30.

General Announcements

The Shrewsbury Library is now fully wireless. The Shrewsbury Genealogy Club now has an official blog.

The Shrewsbury Genealogy Club's Blog has been reconfigured to allow members of the club to post new entries as well as post comments to existing entries. The new mechanism uses plain old email messages to add new posts. Please come to a meeting or ask George for the handout sheet that explains how it works (I can't post the details here since it could lead to spammers flooding the blog with useless postings).

If you would like to add a link to your family history web page or to announce an event, please send me the information via email.

Note that if you interested in joining the club, simply come to any regular meeting or contact George (508-841-8531) to get on the email mailing list. Beginners are always welcome, just bring your interest and enthusiasm. Note that left-over handouts from previous meetings are available in a folder outside of George's office in the library.

As always, please let me know if you would like to anything added to this site. Also let me know if you find that any of the links are "dead". A site mirror is still in the works.

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