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Here you will find both club presentation documents and other useful forms/docs/etc. Wherever possible all documents will be presented in both HTML and in their original format. Please support this club by posting your contributions.

Club Presentations

Description HTML Other Date Size
Beginning Your Genealogy, by Brian Lingard beginner.html beginner.doc 05/19/2009 35K
GEDCOM to WWW Utilities, by Brian Lingard ged2web.html ged2web.doc 11/28/2005 27K
Old Postcards and Genealogy, by Brian Lingard postcards.html postcards.doc 06/08/2002 24K
Old Photographs - Identification and Preservation, by Brian Lingard oldphotos.html oldphotos.doc 06/08/2002 25K
Online Genealogy Courses, by Brian Lingard gen-courses.html gen-courses.doc 01/25/2010 31K
Researching Common Surnames, by Brian Lingard common-surnames.html common-surnames.doc 11/23/2009 29K
Researching for Hidden Ancestors, by Brian Lingard hidden-ancestors.html hidden-ancestors.doc 11/16/2009 29K
Researching Maiden Names, by Brian Lingard maiden-names.html maiden-names.doc 01/25/2010 29K
Researching Tax Records, by Brian Lingard tax-records.html tax-records.doc 01/25/2010 29K
Researching Using Newspapers, by Brian Lingard using-newspapers.html using-newspapers.doc 01/24/2011 37K

Useful Forms

Description HTML Other Date Size
Census Check Form (MS Excel) census_check.html census_check.xls 02/04/2003 19K
Chronological Profile (MS Excel) chron_profile.html chron_profile.xls 02/04/2003 18K
Family Group Filing Index Form (MS Excel) file_index.html file_index.xls 02/04/2003 19K
Research Plan Form (MS Excel) research_plan.html research_plan.xls 05/19/2009 18K

Other Documents

Description HTML Other Date Size
Third Annual Sunset Series at the Mass State Archives (should be printable) n/a state-arch.gif 06/13/2002 64K

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