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What's It All About?

The original idea for this web site first began as an idea for an article about comic book adaptations of Lovecraft's stories. But once I discovered that someone else had already published such a piece in "Crypt of Cthulhu" a few years back, I decided that it might be best to create a web site devoted to the topic. That way I could also present cover scans and other goodies along with detailed information about the comics.

So primarily this site is dedicated to collecting all known information about comic adaptations of Lovecraft stories. A secondary objective is to collect information about comics that were inspired in some way from one of Lovecraft's tales either in part or in whole. Some fanzine and book format material is also included.

Most items presented are part of my personal collection, however information about artists and writers, and cover scans contributions are cheerfully accepted. All contributers will be noted on this page.

Cover Scan Details

Here's some details about my cover scanning procedure. All covers are scanned at 100 dpi, then they are reduced to an image no larger than 480 pixels vertical. This size becomes the "large" scan of the cover. Then that image is reduced by 50% to create the thumbnail image. Thus anyone wishing to contribute cover scans, please scan them at 100 dpi and submit them unchanged.


Toren G. Atkinson - writer and artist on a fanzine called "Cannibal Culture". Toren is also a member of the Lovecraft inspired rock band "Darkest of the Hillside Thickets".

Edward P. Berglund - contributed several pages of information about comic artists, writers, and story adaptations. Edward runs the superb "Reader's Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos" web site.

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