Comic Art in Magazines and Fanzines

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This section collects information about comic adaptations presented in either fanzines or in other professionally published magazines.

Note that all logos and cover art is copyright by their respective owners. All such materials are presented for illustrative and review purposes.

Story Adaptations

need cover Cannibal Culture #1

???, 1994


Cover by: ???

Writer: Toren G. Atkinson
Art: Toren G. Atkinson

Fantasy Empire Presents H.P. Lovecraft

New Media, 1984

Cover by: ???

"The Festival"

Writer: Bruce McCorkindale
Art: Bruce McCorkindale
"The Hound"

Writer: Jaxon
Art: Jaxon

From the Pit #1

Fantagor Press, 1994

"The Rats in the Walls"

Cover by: Richard Corben

Writer: Richard Corben
Art: Richard Corben

Heavy Metal v3-6 - Oct 1979

Cover by: ???

"The Dunwich Horror"

Writer: ???
Art: Breccia
"The Thing" (aka "The Statement of Randolph Carter")

Writer: ???
Art: Voss

need cover Heavy Metal v18-2 - May 1984

Cover by: ???

"From Beyond"

Writer: ???
Art: P. Craig Russell

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