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What's News?


Happy New Year folks!! Yes, Dark Tree Press is still alive. Mythos Collector #7 really is in the process of being put together. It's just been progressing at a snail's pace all last year.

I have also been working through all remaining submissions that I received over the last couple of years. I have less than half a dozen left to review. If you have any submissions pending with me, please contact me about it's status if you don't receive anything from me by the end of January 2009.

Regarding submissions, Black Satellite will be remaining closed to all submissions until at least December 31, 2009, once BS #8 is released things will open up again. Mythos Collector will be remaining closed to submissions until about December 31, 2009, though I am still looking for material related to Clark Ashton Smith (please query if you have something to offer).

General Announcements

Check out my new Mythos Collecting blog! Keep up to date with pop culture news on H.P. Lovecraft and related authors!

The back issue clearance sale has been extended. Note that back issues for Black Satellite #1-3 are nearly gone, less than a dozen copies of each issue remain. So order soon or miss out. Please see the ordering page for details. Note that Clarkesworld Books appears to still have a few copies of Black Satellite #4 still available.

Dealers, take note, the clearance sale also includes an increase in the dealer discount for a limited time (see the updated dealers page for details).

Dark Tree Press publications are no longer available through the Project Pulp web site since the site has now closed.

Dark Tree Press publications are still available at Matt Schwartz's Shocklines, David Wynn's Mythos Books, Clarkesworld Books, and Daniel J. Bishop's Golden City Comics in Toronto.

Read the old news here.

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