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I have been a fan of comics since before I could read. I got my first comics when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Though I never massed a huge collection as a child, I learned to love comics. It was that love of comics that rekindled my interest years later while I was in college. Since then I have been an avid reader and collector. This page will eventually highlight my favorite titles and comic creators.

Comic Links

[That's Ent] -- That's Entertainment, my favorite comic shop.

[Bedrock] -- Bedrock Comics, my second favorite comic shop.

* H.P. Lovecraft in the Comics -- my page dedicated to the comic adaptations.

* Bettie Page -- see my tribute to Bettie Page. (off-line)

* Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc. -- Previews and more.
* Krause Publications -- publishers of Comic Buyer's Guide.
* The Official BONE Web Page -- favorite comic book.
* Sleeping Dragon Hobbies -- comics, games, and more.

Some Recommended Books

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