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I got my first real camera when I was about fourteen. Sure I had one of those silly 110 pocket cameras, but they rarely took very good photos. My first 35mm camera was a Pentax K1000, which I still own and use regularly. It is completely manual -- no autofocus, no auto exposure, not even a motorized film advance. I have used this camera to take photos for my high school yearbook; taken pictures at many vacation spots including England, Germany, and several western states. I have even tried my hand at taking pictures of star trails and other astronomical phenomena.

I also have a point and shoot 35mm camera that I mainly use for holiday pictures and for taking along on hiking trips. It is an Olympus Infinity TWIN. It is weatherproof and has a simple twin focal length design -- i.e. no zoom. It also has accompanied me on many vacations and other travels.

This page will feature selected photographs that I have taken over the years, particularly those photos that I am proud of or that have some special meaning for me.

President Ford

Concord, NH, 1975

Wooden Blocks

My Grandfather

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