H.P. Lovecraft

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Though I read a few his stories while growing up, a friend of mine reintroduced me to HPL's wonderful creations and vivid imagination. Since attending my first Necronomicon (2nd edition) back in 1995, I become an avid reader and collector of Lovecraftiana. I am currently researching a book on collecting Lovecraft and related items.

Some HPL Web Sites

* H.P. Lovecraft in the Comics -- my page dedicated to the comic adaptations of his stories.

* Mythos Collector -- a fanzine that I am currently publishing.

* The H.P. Lovecraft Archive -- the best all around site out there.
* Darkest of the Hillside Thickets -- a Lovecraft inspired rock band.
* H.P. Lovecraft Page -- another interesting page.
* Necronomicon Press -- publishers of things Lovecraftian.
* The Arkham Archives -- information about collecting Arkham House editions.

Some Recommended Books

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