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Though I now work as a software engineer, I still dabble in electronics. I have enjoyed building electronic gadgets since I was about 15 years old. Illustrated below are a few of my various projects built over the last twenty years.

My newest interest in electronics is combining circuit designs with mechanical elements in the form of robotics. Currently I am experimenting with small DC motors and solar panels, and also programming control circuits using PIC microcontrollers.

Electronic Projects

Hex Display

for Commodore 64 user port

circa 1983

Frequency Generator

audio frequencies

circa 1986

Darkroom Timer

circa 1988

Crystal Radio

failed attempt, hand wound coil

circa 1999

Robotic Projects

stay tuned

Useful Links

* DonTronics -- robotics stuff.
* Jameco -- electronics parts and PC stuff.
* JDR -- electronics parts and PC stuff.
* microEngineering Labs, Inc. -- PIC programmers.
* MPJA Electronics -- surplus electronics.
* Parallax Inc. -- makers of the Basic Stamp.
* Planet Microchip -- makers of the PIC microcontroller.
* Scott Edwards Electronics -- serial LCD panels.
* Seattle Robotics Society -- good robotics starting point.

Some Recommended Books

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